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Our Story

Our company was founded with the primary goal of addressing a crucial communication challenge faced by public works departments. We identified a significant gap between departmental operations and the methods used to inform the public about capital improvement projects, recognizing the urgent need for a more efficient and interactive solution. Traditional communication channels, such as print and radio announcements, proved inadequate due to their limited reach, absence of real-time updates, and the inability to tailor notifications, resulting in complaints, misunderstandings, and, in some cases, safety issues. 


To bridge this divide, our company developed a user-friendly, web-based platform that enables real-time updates, customizable notifications, and community engagement. This innovation empowers public works departments to seamlessly communicate with their communities, ensuring timely, transparent, and effective information sharing through interactive maps, diverse notification methods, and real-time updates, thereby keeping home and business owners well-informed.​

Our Purpose

Facilitate seamless and interactive communication between public works departments and their communities by delivering an advanced, user-friendly platform that prioritizes real-time updates, transparency, and community engagement. Our mission is to empower public works departments to establish efficient and meaningful connections with their communities, ensuring that residents remain well-informed and actively engaged stakeholders of the projects that affect them.​

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where even the most challenging projects are streamlined through the eradication of communication obstacles. We aspire to achieve this by completely transforming the approach to public works departments’ interactions with the public. Our goal is to shape a future where public works projects and infrastructure maintenance are conveyed promptly, transparently, and interactively, harnessing technology to enable residents to remain well-informed about the projects impacting their lives. We envision a world in which proficient communication mitigates grievances, misconceptions, and safety concerns related to capital improvement projects.​

About Us - James Reitz

James Reitz


James obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering from Purdue University and has spent most of his career working in the public sector in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with Highway Departments and Public Works Departments.

Most of his work experience has been in the realm of Transportation Project Management, where he designed and managed multi-million-dollar capital improvement projects. He understands the complicated nature of transportation projects and the issues that come along with communication breakdowns.

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