Construction Site App™

Informed Residents, Successful Projects

with project notifications delivered directly to residents.

The Construction Site App™ is a project communication software custom tailored to government organizations. It's perfect for those managing projects that improve communities and may affect residents and businesses.

Project Communication

Uniting Municipalities and Residents for Project Success

Are you a municipality involved in capital improvement projects within neighborhoods? Perhaps you work as an engineer, contractor, or project manager, overseeing various neighborhood or alley projects where residents are impacted, and access is restricted?

We understand that affecting someone's access to their home or business is a very personal matter. Managing this communication and keeping the affected parties informed is crucial. The traditional approach of going door to door and handing out flyers falls short in many ways. Flyers often go unnoticed, cost money to print, and don't effectively convey project details. There's no easy way for residents to respond or ask questions.

Introducing the Construction Site App™ – the tool you've been waiting for to bridge the communication gap between projects and residents. We are an all-in-one solution designed for municipalities to communicate effectively with homeowners.

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What the Construction Site App™ can offer your organization

Key Features

Diverse User Notification Options

Resident Notifications

We provide a range of notification options to cater to all users. Our software offers SMS, email, and robo-call notifications, ensuring that we have a notification type to suit the preferences of every user.

Streamlined Resident Complaint Solution

Resident Complaint Form

Our Complaint Form streamlines the process by allowing residents to submit concerns, including problem descriptions, photo uploads, and location details, allowing your team to efficiently address issues.

Unique Construction Communication App

Team Communication

Our software is a unique tool for successful project communication, bridging the communication gap and ensuring effective collaboration, making it stand out in the market.

Simplified Project Management

Construction Management

Our software has a simple design that helps your team stay focused on the critical needs of your project, while efficiently managing necessary team communication.

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Project Management Software

Our software is platform-agnostic! As we operate entirely in the cloud, you or your constituents can access the information you need from anywhere in the world at any time.

Multiple User Account Levels

Public Works

We offer multiple account levels for various user types, including Team Members (Project Managers), Company Admins, and Resident users, with unlimited Resident Accounts included in every plan.

Project Success

Clean and Simple Admin Panel

Effortlessly oversee team members, project staff, contractors, projects, photos, project updates, documents, and complaints. Instantly send notifications with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training for mastery.

Notifications as simple as drawing a box around affected residents

Simplify resident notifications with our map tool. Select your project area on the map, draw a box around your target residents, and craft your message—be it an email, text, or voice robo-call.

Resident Notifications
Construction Site App

Complaint Center

Streamline resident complaints with our platform. Residents can submit issues directly through their accounts, bypassing lengthy phone calls. This provides your staff with vital details like issue location, photos, and descriptions, all neatly categorized by project for efficient management and resolution.

Multi-language Support

Break language barriers effortlessly with access to 104 languages at the click of a button, ensuring seamless connection with residents across municipalities. Experience inclusive project collaboration like never before.

Multi-language Support
Project Data Export

Project Data Export

Optimize your project management process by swiftly exporting comprehensive project data. From project details to member information, subscribed residents, notifications, updates, and more, ensure smooth record retention and easy data management.

Why Choose the Construction Site App™

What sets us apart is that we understand your industry because we came from doing the same job. We know the struggles in managing communication to residents during neighborhood projects, and that's why we created this revolutionary solution.

Experience the difference and take your project communication to the next level!

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